Pachamama CBD 1750mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract 30ML (MSRP $139.99)

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Pachamama CBD 1750mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract 30ML


Pachamama CBD 1750mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract 30ML

Pachamama's full spectrum hemp extract comes from whole plant extraction which retains all of the plants’ natural compounds. This extraction method ensures each product contains all the holistic benefits of the plant and minimal amounts of THC (0.3% or less). This minuscule amount of THC opens your bodies receptors allowing you to absorb all of the plants nutrients. CBD is one of 100+ naturally occurring cannabinoids identified in hemp plants. While CBD alone is known as a beneficial cannabinoid, full spectrum products provide the body access to all of the plant’s cannabinoids, so the end user can achieve a wide range of therapeutic benefits.

Goji Cacao
Over 2000 years ago in the Himalayas, Tibetan monks noticed a small group of baboons far stronger and larger than the others. tracking this group to remote regions, they discovered these primates were secretly feasting on berries now known as the superfood, Goji berry. Boasting the highest oxidation reduction potential or O.r.P. of any superfood available, you can say bye-bye to free radicals.

Cacao contains many important and beneficial elements such as polyphenols, flavanols and theobromine; this medicinal plant has been used by ancient tribes in Central and South America for over 4000 years during spiritual ceremonies to induce clarity, connection and overall wellness. cacao means food of the gods, at one time it was worth more than gold and considered sacred medicine.

To be natural is to embrace what is intended. at Pachamama they believe in the importance of “single origin”. From seed to harvest, we start with one strain, one crop, and one clear mission:

To deliver full spectrum hemp extract in its most native state. Pachamama's proprietary extraction method creates a naturally balanced, nutty and earthy flavor. “The Natural” is raw, unadulterated, full spectrum hemp extract; the way Mother Earth intended.

Green Tea Echinacea
Referred to as the healthiest elixir on earth for its vastly researched anti-aging, metabolic and cellular support benefits due to its strong antioxidant properties.

Echinacea The American Coneflower is a common staple in immunity boosting while showing great therapeutic polyphenol profiles.

Use of this sacred root pre-dates written history. Originating out of the most remote and exotic part of the world, This ceremonial plant has been touted for its euphoric and subdued effect; promoting restfulness and deep sleep.

Kava Kava Valerian
A flowering plant used as far back as ancient Greece, commonly recognized and researched for its relaxing and calming effects.