Naked 100 CBD 1200mg E-Liquid 30ML (MSRP $50.00)

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Naked100 CBD E-Liquid 30ML


Naked 100 CBD e-liquid can be used with any tank or atomizer and includes no THC or nicotine. Use as you would your favorite e-Liquid for even distribution of CBD throughout your day. Flavors come in a variety of fruit flavors, including Amazing Mango CBD, Hawaiian Pog CBD, Lava Flow CBD, or Really Berry CBD. The bottles are available in 30 mL with 40mg per mL.

30mL unicorn bottle
Serving Size: 1mL (20 drops)
Servings Per Container: 30
Made in USA

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Amazing Mango
Naked 100 Amazing Mango CBD will send your taste buds to the tropics with a delicious combination of mangoes, peaches, and cream that is as smooth as it is refreshing.

Hawaiian POG
Naked 100 Hawaiian POG CBD delivers a tropical mix of passion fruit, orange, and guava that's packed with flavor for a great, all-day vape.

Lava Flow
Naked 100 Lava Flow CBD is a volcanic eruption of taste that perfectly blends fresh strawberries, pineapple, and coconut into a concoction of fruity, tropical taste.

Really Berry
Naked 100 Really Berry CBD is an avalanche of blueberry and raspberry taste drizzled with lemon sugar that's amazing from the first puff.