Five Tips When Shopping For CBD

The various changes in rules and regulations around cannabis and CBD may make it easier to access CBD products. However, there are still many issues to resolve, mainly how non-pharmaceutical, hemp-derived CBD will be regulated. As a consumer, you want to make sure you know exactly what you're buying, including CBD-related products. Here are five tips we suggest you follow when shopping for CBD:

1. Look for the phrase “full spectrum” as compared to “isolate”, “pure CBD” or “no THC”. “Full spectrum” means it includes a variety of cannabis compounds, including small traces of THC. If you would prefer no THC (or if it is illegal in your state), look for “broad spectrum” products.

2. Look for products that fully label the amount of CBD and THC. This can be done through lab results, which all companies should provide on their website.

3. Avoid companies that promise health claims. This is not allowed by the FDA.

4. Avoid poor quality gummies or edibles that contain corn syrup and artificial coloring.

5. Beware of marketing schemes and companies that urge you to sign up right away for your next purchase.

We can ensure you that follows these same guidelines with the products we offer you. We strive to provide high quality wholesale CBD products along with their related lab results. To view this information, click on the desired brand’s page or product page.

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